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About Us: Fuerte Tribu

Tribu means ‘Tribe’. We understand that surfing provides people off all ages with a profound connection, with our oceans and with each other. Our philosophy of inclusion and connection drives us.

At Fuerte Tribu, we have a holistic vision of surfing as an inclusive and integrated sport.

We started our journey in 2010, and since then, more than 1000 surfers of all ages have been introduced to the joy of surfing. In our surf club, we are committed to the comprehensive training of children and young people, from a holistic and integrative perspective. We firmly believe in the personal development of people through sports, socialisation, games, and cooperation.  

Our instructors are exemplary, chosen for their ability to teach and support alongside their surfing credentials.  In 2014 we launched our adapted surf program. This specialist division of our surf school is dedicated to making the sport of surfing accessible to all people with functional diversity. 


Our Founder

Fuerte Tribu was founded by champion surfer Pili Beneito.

Monitor Pilar

Pilar (Pili for short!) began her surfing career as a teenager, on the waters of Mar del Plata, in the Province of Buenes Aires in Argentina. Her skill and passion surfing took her around the world, from Chile to Cape Verde through Brazil, Hawaii, Peru, France, Morocco and Spain. 

She represented Argentina in the 2000 World Cup in Brazil, and was featured on the TV show Cracks del Surf.

In 2010, already fully established in Fuerteventura, Pili founded Fuerte Tribu, a children’s surf club that would eventually become the benchmark for surfing at the local level, eventually establishing surfing as an extracurricular sport. In addition to directing the surf school and the «adapted surfing» program, her academic focus is on developing and improving coaching methods to making the sport of surf more accessible to people with motor difficulties. 

Our Tribe of Staff and Coaches

Our Fuerte tribe are here to help, coach, plan, book and arrange the best surf lessons in Fuerteventura.

monitor pilar

Pilar Beneito


Rafael Aguilar Fuerta

Rafael Aguilar


Valera Fuerte Tribu

Valeria Inzodda


Paulo Fuerte Tribu

Paolo Ragusa


Fuerte Tribu Surf

Chathaysa Montañez

Marketing & Social media
Luca Fuerte Tribu

Luca Serratore


Simon Fuerte Tribu Surf

Simon Korsak


Monitor de Surf Fuerteventura 43 sq

Giusy Fanelli








We believe in a holistic vision of surfing as an inclusive and integrating sport. We firmly believe in the development of people through sports, socialization, games, coexistence and training by amazing instructors, who are in turn role models for the students. Since 2014, we have developed the adapted surf program, with which we try to bring this sport closer to all people with functional diversity.

Our Surf Program

SINCE 2010


Just some of our lovely Tripadvisor Reviews. Thanks to all the fantastic customers who took the time to write about our surf school. We are humbly grateful.

We (The Wingin’ It Family) were so blessed to connect with this amazing surf school… Our kids (11 & 13) had never surfed before but fell in love with the sport after taking part in their amazing surf school over several weels. Incredibly awesome caring, fun and professional staff from top to bottom who care about you and your children.  

Really enjoyed surfing with Tribusurf. Doesn’t matter if you are a kid or grownup, local or tourist. You will have a good time in a very familiar atmosphere. Will come again with my kids.

We booked a surf lesson for our children aged 6 and 8, who had never surfed before and one of whom was quite nervous. Fuerte Tribu came back really quickly, recommending the best time, day and location for new surfers. Both children had a fantastic time and the instructors were really fun and attentive, making it really enjoyable for our children. They loved their session and it was great to see their sense of achievement and how they built confidence. We are really looking forward to returning next year and doing it together as a family. Thank you so much for the great experience!

Thanks to our partners and supporters:

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