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Surf Lessons in Fuerteventura – Intermediate Level

Inclusive, Safe and Award Winning. Nurture a Life Long Passion for Surfing with Intermediate Level Surf Coaching.


Our Philosophy 

At our surf school our students learn something new every day. We help surfers to build a deep connection and respect for the sea.  

Our coaches and course leaders focus on learning through fun, using socialisation, cooperative learning and games to increase confidence and skills.

We offer a range of courses that will suit you no matter how long or short you stay is on the surfers paradise of Fuerteventura.

Our intermediate surfing course is ideal for those who have already mastered the basics and are keen to develop their surfing skills even further! 

About Us

The Fuerte Tribe Surf School (Fuerte Tribu) is an award-winning surf school in Fuerteventura dedicated to helping people of all ages to develop their surfing skills. Our highly-qualified instructors are here to help you progress. 

We have a wide range of surf classes that will allow you to build on your existing skills and take you to the next level of wave-craft. Book now, for a unique and unforgettable surf experience on the island of Fuerteventura.

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Create life-long memories with Fuerteventura’s surf school with our commitment to safety & inclusion

We speak your language

Multilingual coaches

Experienced instructors

Our passion is teaching.

100% accessible

Our surfing philosophy.

Fully certified school

You’re in safe hands.

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What’s included in our intermediate surf sessions and packages.

A usual session lasts for approximately four hours. Everything you need is provided, just bring your favourite sunscreen!

  1. 4 hour Group Class

    4 hours in total, including transfers to and from the school in Correlejo. You’ll likely be in the water for at least 2 hours or more. 

  2. All Equipment & Transfers

    We make sure your equipment is just the right size, and your suit fits you perfectly. We supply boots too, should you need them. Transport to and from the school is included. 

  3. Accredited & Insured

    Our school is fully accredited and RC insured. Our staff are all highly experienced and thoroughly vetted.

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Balancing skills development with fun!

Our courses take an holistic approach. We create an environment of safety and fun, where we use a mix of teaching skills to create a balanced approach. We love bringing people together, to join the Fuerte Tribe! 

We offer a range of courses that will suit you, no matter how long or short you stay is on on the surfers paradise of Fuerteventura. Come for a day, for a week or longer. Your surf school is waiting.  


Just some of our lovely Tripadvisor Reviews. Thanks to all the fantastic customers who took the time to write about our surf school. We are humbly grateful. 

We (The Wingin’ It Family) were so blessed to connect with this amazing surf school… Our kids (11 & 13) had never surfed before but fell in love with the sport after taking part in their amazing surf school over several weels. Incredibly awesome caring, fun and professional staff from top to bottom who care about you and your children.  

Really enjoyed surfing with Tribusurf. Doesn’t matter if you are a kid or grownup, local or tourist. You will have a good time in a very familiar atmosphere. Will come again with my kids.

We booked a surf lesson for our children aged 6 and 8, who had never surfed before and one of whom was quite nervous. Fuerte Tribu came back really quickly, recommending the best time, day and location for new surfers. Both children had a fantastic time and the instructors were really fun and attentive, making it really enjoyable for our children. They loved their session and it was great to see their sense of achievement and how they built confidence. We are really looking forward to returning next year and doing it together as a family. Thank you so much for the great experience!

What students will learn at our intermediate surf classes!

The surf course for intermediate level begins with a land based session, in which we review surfing foundations and assess key areas for learning and development. 

  1. Safety and Assessment

    Our land based session assesses technique, refreshes safety essentials and allows coaches to establish key learning areas for the session. 

  2. Key Skills Development

    Students are assessed on their standing position, straight line advancing, skirting and other fundamentals. Bad habits are reviewed and resolved.  

  3. Balancing Breaks and Challenge

    Intermediate surfers are brought to the breaks best suited for their level of experience, providing the ultimate balance in challenge and practice time! 

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